The 2008 MadCat Tour
 On the Road Again!

In 2008 MadCat will tour with the programs:
1) ID Docs
2) Private Eyes

Feb 28 - UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz CA
ID Docs

March 11 - Union Theatre, U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
ID Docs

March 17 - Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR
Private Eyes

April 3 - Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, MN
ID Docs

April 7 - Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green State University, OH
ID Docs

April 9 - Indie Memphis Micro Cinema
Private Eyes

April 10 - Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr, PA
ID Docs

April 21 - Olympia Film Society
Private Eyes

April 26 - Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago, IL
ID Docs

May 5 - College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME
ID Docs

September 2 - Chico State University, Chico, CA
ID Docs

Additional Dates TBA
Syracuse University, PRATT Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Michigan


ID Docs – Identity cannot be reduced to stats on a badge. It is both personal and public, elusive and fixed. Using a patient camera and lyrical imagery, these filmmakers gently probe how society, biology, place, and even appliances play a role in who we are and how we think of ourselves and others.

Private Eyes – Private Eyes features an eclectic selection of experimental documentaries and animated works from the UK, Czech Republic, Norway and the US. The Intimacy of Strangers, follows a clandestine film crew that prowls the streets, capturing phone conversations. The filmmaker "steals" these intimate moments and explores the ever-shrinking gap between private and public spheres. Deep Woods is a performative video that lures male participants through evocative advertisements. These innovative works reveal the power of modern technologies to upend of notions of privacy.

The MISSION of MadCat is to curate and promote high-quality, women-directed, independent and experimental films and videos. To achieve our mission, MadCat not only holds its yearly festival each September in the Bay Area - we send a selection of each Festival out across the country.

Since 2000 the MadCat Tour has been a huge success and hits cities across the country, achieving critical and popular success at universities, art houses and museums. MadCat takes two programs of short films and videos on the road. The strong line-up and international scope of these programs appeals to a wide audience base.

MadCat is always looking for more tour venues - EMAIL US if you have any suggestions. MadCat could come to your town soon!