MadCat 13 Program

Movies Under the Stars
Special El Rio screening of the 13th Annual MadCat Women's International Film Festival. LIVE performances by Silian Rail and Tartufi.

El Rio
September 16, 2009
Doors Open 6:30pm. Films 8:30pm. Rain or Shine.
3158 Mission St @ Precita, San Francisco
(415) 282-3325
21 and over. Dress warmly!

Tickets $8– $20 Sliding Scale.
Available at the door. Cash only

Samara Halperin
2009 • 3:10 min • Color • mini DV • US
World Premiere • Filmmaker in Person
Take a ride through pre-demolition Astroland in this free-wheeling celebration of the fabled Coney Island amusement park. Shot on glorious 16mm color film. Original score written by Stormy Knight.

The Horses. They Came
Harriette Yahr
1990 • 4 mins • Color • 16mm • Bay Area Premiere
Bay Area Premiere
A film about the destructive nature of obsession.

Seattle Solstice
Caryn Cline
2008 • 2:40 min • Color • 16mm
West Coast Premiere • Filmmaker in Person
Hydrangea, Geranium, Nandina, Camillia, Snapdragon, Cyclemen, Violet, Linden. Birch Bark... Mapping a Seattle landscape in deep winter with its surprising array of flora, this film is a series of optically printed, handmade frames that unfolds into a gorgeous swath of color and movement.

1 to 8
Amy Schwartz
2008 • 5 min • Color • 16mm
West Coast Premiere
A rhythmic play on light and color, this film consists of Super-8 frames, each 30-seconds in length, reworked in the optical printer

Lively Lovely (and the rest)
Eve Gordon
2007 • 2:52 min • B/W • 16mm
U.S. Premiere
A modern take on the musical cinema of the 1930s, Lovely follows a disembodied pair of legs as it dances a Busby Berkley-esque routine, simultaneously objectifying the female form while celebrating its grace.

Woodward's Garden
Katherin McGinnis
2008 • 10 min • Color 3-D • Mini-DV
World Premiere with Live Original Score
Combining old and new 3D images, Woodward's Garden explores the site of "the Central Park of the West," a 19th century amusement park in San Francisco's Mission district, which now houses a drug rehab facility, an Internet porn studio, and upscale restaurants. Historic stereographs by Carleton Watkins and Edward Muybridge evoke the era when this park thrived. Glasses provided by MadCat.

Kerry Laitala
2009 • 11 min • Color • 16mm
World Premiere • Filmmaker in Person
In 1646, Athanasius Kircher's Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae described for the first time how images could be projected onto a screen by means of a magic lantern. Using this apparatus, 18th century showmen like Paul de Philipsthal and Etienne Gaspard Robertson conjured up the spirits of the recently deceased to spellbind and spook their unwitting audiences. Calling upon the secret repertoire of these early conjurors, Spectrology simulates the creation of the bygone phantasmagoria, recasting them in a modern-day illusion.

Motion Studies
Fernanda D'Agostino
2009 • 12 mins • Color • mini-DV
San Francisco Premiere
Using an eye-popping color palette, D'Agnostino digitally transforms the original footage of migrating wild birds and the motion studies taken by Dr. Bret Tobalske's flight lab at the University of Portland. At times, an undulating abstract painting, other times, the birds in flight and the wake of their movement becomes more apparent. Either way, it's mesmerizing.

Cobra Mist
Emily Richardson
2009 • 9 mins • Color • Anamorphic 16mm
U.S. Premiere
Orford Ness sits on the Suffolk Coast of Great Britain, looking out at Europe across the North Sea. Formerly a military base, this spit of land was the site of Cold War radar experiments. Dotted by the extraordinary architecture of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, the place has a sinister atmosphere, accentuated by its moody soundtrack that layers ominous industrial din with the sounds of nature.